Hyalual Wow Mask Luxury Facial Mask

LUXURIOUS - High quality and luxurious facial mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen ALL NATURAL - A miralce for your skin made from totally natural ingredients HYDRATION - Helps to delivery more hydration than leading collagen-based moisturising treatments with the unique complex and combination of ingredients ESSENCE OF NATURE - Contains an RMCP complex, which is an essential component of nature's most effective & best skin healing plants TCD TECHNOLOGY - Also know as Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery, TCD starts acting right when applied to the skin. Our product is easy to use and great for anyone due to it's gentle nature. The collagen matrix (basis of the mask) is made from better active ingredients than the leading brands the help expedite penetration of the product into your skin. Helps slow the process of skin aging by deeply hydrating the skin on a cellular level. Prevents moisture loss by forming a protective membrane on the skin. This mask has also been shown to provide a lifting and tightening effect that helps improves skin elasticity. Smooths the surface of the skin and aides in reducing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. The mask has an excellent antioxidant system that fights against premature aging. This complex protects the skin cells from UV damage and daily air pollution. One of the best selling masks in US and Europe, now available in the UK.


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